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Thread: B1 to H1B Visa

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    Default B1 to H1B Visa

    Dear Fellows,

    I have five years valid B1/B2 visa but never visited US. During my job hunting, recently an employer contacted me and expressed there interest to offer me job if i am ready to come US on B1 visa. On further discussion on the subject, they said they can't file H1B now and i would work for 6 months on B1 visa and then they will file request to change it to H1B.

    I like to know if it is practical and what is the risk factor? What are the chances of H1B visa rejection. I have stable job here and don't want to take any risk and same time love to work in US.

    Your input is vital for me.

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    It is totally illegal to visit U.S in B1/B2 to work. Every visa has its own purpose. This employer seem to be a scum bag. If caught you will get banned for your life from entering U.S. Also, a change of status from B1/B2 is never advisable at the first place. Your best option is to find an employer who can sponsor your H1B visa. Once approved, attend the H1B visa interview and travel to U.S in H1B visa. Just stay away from this employer who is mess up your future chances of entering U.S just so that they can earn money.
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