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    Default I have a question of my case is 203 A2B INA ADULT CHILD OF LPR

    Hello sir,
    I am single male 27 years old from Jordan my mom get the green card via F3 application and automatically all my family get the green card (my dad and my 2 brothers) except me because I am older than 21 as u know .I have application since NOV/2010 through my mom(she is permanent president) is called I 130 for unmarried son older than 21 (I-797c).My questions are:
    1-Do you know when I will get the green card "the processing time" the minimum and the maximum time??

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    guys please help ,,no one reply??

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabio2012 View Post
    guys please help ,,no one reply??
    You are in F2B category. It will take almost 7 years before you get a visa. Just monitor the Visa Bulletin which is published monthly. See here for the latest VB: http://www.immihelp.com/greencard/vi...april2012.html

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