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    Default How can F1 pregnant get maternity insurance if she has graduated and has no work?

    If a woman gets pregnant on an F1 student visa and she has already graduated, is currently on OPT, and has no work, how can she get insurance for prenatal care? Since she is already pregnant, individual insurance plans will deny her coverage for pre-existing conditions. Since she is not in school or work, she will not be able to join a group insurance plan.

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    It will be very difficult to get insurance in that case. That's why it is important to maintain continuous coverage. Many schools offer insurance plans that can be carried over when you are on OPT. Private insurance plans generally do not offer any pre-existing pregnancy coverage. Some hospitals may offer less expensive options for delivery, but I am not sure about prenatal care.
    In general, you are allowed to have up to 90 days of unemployment in OPT, if you have overrun that, you are out of status and have to leave the US anyway.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.

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