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    Default Not received Combined EAD and AP

    During Feb 2011 USCIS declared that now we can have EAD and AP on same card. But just now when I applied, I did not receive as one card. EAD came as same old card and AP is on separate sheet of paper. While applying I did send all both EAD and AP together, in one pack itself. What could be the reason? Its not possible to ask USCIS as no human answer and its all machine. Could it be that EAD they gave is 2 years and AP is one year and if they combine both then AP would also become 2 years.

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    Default Same situation

    I am in the same situation. I contacted USCIS but they said they cannot do anything. Any help will be appreciated. This is cheating in my opinion on USCIS' part.

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    I think if they give EAD with 1 year validity then only they will combined AP.
    I am not sure whether anyone recevieved 2 years AP!!!

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    Default Same here

    I also received EAD and AP as a seperate document. EAD card and AP in a seperate Paper. But how does this matter than when you travle you need to carry AP Document than carrying a single card. Other than that rest everything is same correct? Why would we need to call USCIS and try to correct it?

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