I have a valid L1B visa and I travelled to US in 2010.
Recently I have renewed my Indian Passport.
My name in the old passport was jumbled up by mixing the given name and surname.
Then it was also corrected by writing in the observation page as below: (10 years ago, these details used to be hand written)
Given name: Sandeep Kumar Ramappa
Surname: Balagi

My new passport has it as: (There is no space between Sandeep and Kumar)
Given name: Sandeepkumar Ramappa
Surname: Balagi

My petition document and all other documents have first name as Sandeepkumar Ramappa.
My name in the Visa is Given name: Sandeep Kumar Ramappa and Last Name: Balagi
Also, my dependents (Spouse and Son) Visa has my first name as: Sandeepkumar Ramappa

My query is, will this change affect my L1B visa? Whether I can travel to US as I will be carrying my old and new passports both.

I have enquired in the Indian Passport office and they said it will not be an issue since the name is same.

Please let me know if this will be a problem or I can travel with my existing Visa as I carry both the passports.
Appreciate all your help.