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    Default How does Criminal Citation for Speeding affect us?


    My husband and I were returning from Vegas on US 93 highway when a cop stopped us for over speeding... The speed limit was 65 and my hubby was at 95... infact it was just for a couple of mins, he realized it immediately and took his foot off the gas pedal.. the car slowly came down to 65 which I think is the mistake we did.. he should have hit the brakes immediately and come down to 65... anyway.. the cop gave us a criminal citation since it was over 85mph... I want to understand what the seriousness of the issue in hand. I know about 6-8 points will be given out of 12 on the DL, the insurance premium is going to raise and not to mention a fine in the court.. apart from all this what else is our challenges..
    1. Will this record be on his name forever?..
    2. Are there any chances to lower or wave off these charges?
    3. Will this be an issue for H1B / GC processing? how do we approach this?

    Some say to plead guilty and some non guilty.. I am not sure I know what to do.. Any help in this regard will be really appreciated !

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    I have a exactly same situation.I think most likey you have got speeding and reckless driving citation.In that ask your traffic attorney to negotiate a plea bargain and reduce it to a speeding ticket.

    Reckless driving though not deportable offense is a more serious conviction than speeding.

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    Default Is there a contact# where I can reach you?


    Is there a contact# where I can reach you or your husband and discuss more?

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    Default Sharing personal information on public forums

    Sharing personal contact information on public forums is in general not a good idea. Use caution and good judgement.

    If the question is whether to plead guilty or not it would be in your interest to approach an attorney.

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    Default Agree with Raju


    I agree with Raju.Sorry for asking contact#,I am just little too much tensed.Apologies for any inconvenience

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