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    Default Landside VISA at Heathrow

    I am an Indian citizen with US Green Card. I am travelling back to United States from India through Heathrow this coming weekend.

    How complicated is it to get Landside VISA at the airport? I would like to meet one of my best friends at the airport ( I am assuming I would need a landside VISA since I would be leaving the arrival lounge area?). I have a 5 hour wait and I dont think I would even leave the terminal.

    Do I need to show any specific documentation other than my GC? And can I ask for it after I land or do I need to start the process now?

    Did anyone try it? Sorry for multiple questions.

    Any and all the help provided is appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Default Sam

    I am Canadian permanent resident (not Canadian citizen). I am flying from Edmonton(Canada) to Ahmedabad(India) through London(LHR). I have 24 hours hold(waiting) in London airport (LHR). I have following question?

    1) If I donít want to go out of airport(LHR-London). Do I need any transit visa?
    2) If I want to go out of airport to see London for 24 hours. What kind of visa do I need for short visit as 24hour?

    Answers are appreciated.

    - Sam

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    You don't need a transit visa, but if you want to go past immigration, you'll need to apply for a visit visa in Canada.

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    Default Landside visa question. USA H1-B visa

    I am traveling to India via British Airways. On my way back to the USA, I have 22 hrs transit in London. I wish to go out and visit the city. I read and understood that I will need a Landside visa. I am currently on H1-B visa. Can someone help me with the procedure?

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    Default uk transit visa

    I am dependent on h4 and traveling to India for stamping h4! My travel is through heathrow and hence require uk transit visa!

    I got a refusal after applying for transit visa! Please guide!

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