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    Default EAD approved | Change in work location


    my EAD is approved a week back. My company has branches all over US. Because of family constraints i want to relocate to another location with in US within same company.

    i asked my attorney if i can change to another location now or should i wait for 180 days. No reply from them, looks like they don't know about it.

    Does anyone know?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Ans

    ( Use below only for information purpose- I am not an Attorney. best to consult your company HR/Attorney)

    First you have not mentioned currently which status you are on.

    Assuming you are on H1-B and your H1 is still valid
    1. You can change loctaion usign H1-B ( You need to have new LCA posting t tne new state)
    2. Your company has option to switch you to EAD that means you will loose H1 status and then location can be changed.
    3. Changing location will have some impact because you need to do Address change AR-11 form because all your 485 correspondance will come to the address USCIS on records which will be your old address. Make sure address change form is filled.

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