My I140 was approved in the 6th year of H1 from Company A. Based on this approved I140, my H1 is renewed until Sep 2012.

Then I switched job and the old employer (Company A) revoked the I140.

Things did not work out in the new company. I have to return to the old employer (Company A) otherwise I will be out of status as new company is going to lay me off.

But my problem is that even if I transfer H1 back to Company A, I have no basis to renew H1 beyond Sep 2012, as I140 was earlier revoked by this Company A.
I don't think I140 can be reinstated even if Company A wants it. The only option I see is to apply for new labor and new I140.

So question is: can I apply for new labor and new I140 in the 7th year of H1? And if approved, can my H1 be renewed?