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    Default Visa Interview waiver


    Can some assist here, I am applying visitors visa or my widowed mom recently VFS issued visa interview waiver prograe based on certain conditions. And my mom is elegible for those applied conditions is it a good idea to apply for visa interview waiver programme or is it better to attend interview in person.

    Also it is quite tight on getting interview dates in Hyderabad, planning on visiting this summer.

    All documents are in place.

    Any suggestion advise is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    If the person is eligible for visa interview waiver, it is best to do so.
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    Thank you for the advise.

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    Default Questions

    My parents have submitted the docs necessary for the B2 visa interview waiver at the VFS office. They were asked to come next week to give their finger prints. Do they need to carry any support documents when they go for the finger printing.

    Thanks in advance!

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