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    Default Relocation expenses on resignation onsite

    Hi, my colleague has resigned in US. She is on L1 visa. Is company supposed to pay for the return ticket to India?

    Another related question is - what if she requested for early termination and did not want to serve the entire notice period required? Does the company has right to not pay the relocation expenses? Relocation expenses otherwise as per the company policy is that the company will pay return airfare ticket, taxi, household moving expenses, etc.

    Does anyone know the US laws that companies are required to pay for the return ticket regardless if person resigns onsite or not.

    Please help, and any thoughts, pointers are more than welcome!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Let me know if you figure this one out as we are also planning to move back to India.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumit Jaisingh View Post
    Let me know if you figure this one out as we are also planning to move back to India.
    Unless you have a previous, specific, binding agreement with your company - if you RESIGN, they are under no obligation whatsoever to provide you or your family with return tickets, nor relocation expenses back to your home country.

    If you are TERMINATED, then they have to pay your return ticket to your home country - please note - YOUR ticket. No relocation expenses, unless you have, again, a legal binding agreement with them.

    Check http://www.immihelp.com/visas/h1b/h1...bloss-faq.html

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    I think the company should provide all the expenses to your friend according to the law.
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