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    Post Change of Status from J1 to H1b, Visa Stamping.

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is the situation. I am in US since 2009 on J1 Visa.
    My J1 status expires on August 30th, 2012.
    I have already received my Approval Notice for H1 B and Change of Status ( i 94 ) which are valid from 1st October, 2012.
    Here are the questions.

    Can I travel to my home country in July and apply for the H1b Visa stamping ?
    On which Visa Status can I re enter US ? J1 or H1b ?
    If I re enter on J1 visa, how will get my I 94 for H1 b ?

    Have you ever been through such situation or heard about it?
    I have got many mixed responses from everywhere and I am totally confused now. Please help.


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    Default this is for sure...

    I am also on a similar status. I have posted a question on what happens to my current work status once i turn to h1.. please read my thread.

    In your case, I am sure, you can travel to India and apply for visa from there. You can re-enter US only 10 days before Oct. 01 though you can start the processing right after landing in India. No way, you can come back to US on J1 visa because, once you go out of country, your J1 visa no more exist.

    My concern is if we continue to stay in US, can we continue to work using the j1 visa status

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    Default information required regarding J1


    I am speaking to a company called Intern Abroad USA (internabroadusa.com), they told me that I can get a J-1 for like 18 months max.

    Can anyone update me .... any other option to come to USA for work ...... any more opportunities.

    I am from India and looking for to get work in USA.

    and Yes Can we change the Visa from J-1 to H-1 or any other what is going to be the process.


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    Default 2 year rule

    Just wondering if you guys are not subjected to 2 year rule or already have the waiver. mostly people from India are subjected to 2 year foreign residency rule. Please let me know soon. Also do you know anyone from India who has obtained a waiver?

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