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    Default Banned from ESTA due to overstay - tips?

    Me and my friend accidentally overstayed with a couple of days last fall (2011). To be honest, we hadn't realized that the 90 days rule was so final.
    Anyone in the same situation?
    Any tips for what visa to apply for if we want to come back?
    What is the right place to contact with a problem like this?
    Anyone know if this strongly reduces our odds of getting a visa?
    How will they treat us when going through customs, even with a valid visa?

    Lots of questions But really need HELP!


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    Well, if you want to come back for a pleasure visit, you will have to apply for a B1/B2 visa.

    They make it diffcult for visa violators but the outcome can be in your favor if you present the case absolutely honestly and apologetically.Tell him you were not sure about the rule and you are extremely sorry.

    Also, factors that will weigh are your ties to home country ( family , job , income, student status ) and if you have enough funds for the trip.

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    In your situation you have to apply for a visa

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