Hello all. I came to US on students visa in 2007 and my visa is ending on June this year. While my stay here I met my fiance and he is American. We have been together since 2008 but were not married. We have planed to get married in my country (Sri Lanka) in about an year. Meanwhile I will have to leave US. I plan to leave end of May before my F1 visa expires. I always thought that in one year, as soon as we get married I will be able to come to US with him immediately, on visitors visa. But now I am not so sure. Is it better to do a court wedding (legal wedding) before I leave this month so that he can start applying for a spouse visa? Can he go through this process with me out of the country? Is the answer is yes, I am hoping to come back to US to as soon as I get married (assuming that the visa process goes well). Or is it better for him to apply for a fiance visa a few months before our wedding? I am a complete noob in this pls give me some advise and ideas!