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    Default petitioning my mom but i dont have a job what option do i have

    currently dont have a job, i am dovorced want to petition my mom so i have help with my children and be able to find a job. what option left for me so her papers gets approve. i am a us citizen. i gladly appreciate any help i get. cant afford a lawyer. my mom already here in the US with me. I filled I-130, I-485, G325A, and now the I-864..
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    As long as you make enough money to support your dependents (children and mother or any greencard holder you sponsered in last 10 years) ie As long as your salary is above the poverty line for your household size OR if your net Asset value is above $40,000 times number of dependents, You don't have to worry about anything. OTHERWISE you need to find a co-sponsor.
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