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    Default (URGENT) Briefly Describe your duties

    I am a student and doing my full time internship at Pune, India. I work part time as a Consultant with a company which is inviting me to USA to attend a general conference and is paying for my entire trip to US. The conference as such is open and anyone can attend it if he/ she gets a chance to register. But the company is sponsoring very few.

    Should I apply for B1 or B2 or B1/B2 (all three options exist in DS-160)?

    Please find attached the screenshot of present Occupation section of DS-160. Pl advise what all to fill in there:

    I am writing my primary occupation as "Student":

    1. What to fill in monthly income? Can this include income from my own/ family business where I am partner? Can it raise concerns as to how I am earning so much (it is a decent amount) while I am not yet employed / still studying.

    2. Should I write about my part time job & internship in "Briefly descrive your duties" section? or should only write about my responsibilities as student?

    Please let me know asap so that I can go ahead and book my desired interview date. I am already out of time

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    The purpose is business (B1) .
    If you can show your consultant status with a good salary as your main occupation , that is a major point in your favour , since income in India is important for most people going on a B1/B2 and also since they are the ones sending you on the trip.

    If you just show student as primary , no salary,, it may not work.

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    Thanks Peace! But won't it be kind of a lie? My primary occupation here in India is student. Also, what's the third option for B1/B2 in the drop down (apart from B1 only and B2 only)?

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    also to clartify my main source of income is not through my consultancy but through my dad's business in which I am a partner. Salary just from Consultancy isn't that great!

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    Dec 2011


    Part time consultant
    Business partner with dad.

    You can't be a great earning partner with your dad if you are also a full time student and a part time consultant.

    This is conflicting, and you will just get a denial on this. They quickly deny in any situation that is not crystal clear.

    You have to decide on how you wish to present yourself.
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    Hi Peace,

    Thanks for your reply. What do you recommend? How do I present my case?

    If I don't write, what if they ask my IT Papers (where income from my dad's business is quite visible in my IT papers)?

    Also, should I fill monthly income at all? (bcoz if I remove income from businness income then my net income is very less: again chances of denial).

    Pl advise.


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