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Cn my parents apply for investment visa?

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  • Cn my parents apply for investment visa?

    Hi everyone,
    My parents live in Bombay,India and have a 10 year multiple entry visa to USA.
    My Dad is a doctor here and has a small nursing home.He has an MBBS degree and 30 years of experience.Mom's a homemaker.
    The thing is myself and my 2 elder brothers live in USA.My older brother has a greencard.
    My parents would like to wind up everything here and settle down in USA. I know it's a very difficult procedure but we really do want them to move closer to us.My dad has always been independent and soes not want to be dependent on his kids.He has been a busy doctor and so he would like to contiue to remain busy.We are looking at opening a small grocery store/restaurant which will be good income for my parents and will keep them busy. He would like to buy his own appartment there and would not want to live with us.
    Now I would like to know if there is any such visa that can enable us to do this.Once my parents wind up and sell their property in Bombay,they will have about $200,000 total.Do you think they can go for an E2 or investment visa or any other similar visa that will help them legal residents of USA.
    I don't even know if this decision is wise and if there is any such thing that may be done.Also if there is something that can be done i would be grateful if you could give me suggestions about what business he should think about.
    Should we go to any immigration consultants here in Bombay and will my brother's greencard be of any use?
    I am on F2 visa and my husband is on F1.
    Thanks in advance for your help.This website is great.

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    Hi Sabs, I think you parents can:
    Individuals who have close relatives or family members in the United States may be eligible to apply for permanent residency (green card) if the sponsoring relative is a United States citizen.
    Take a look at the procedures in this page: