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opening business bank account

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  • opening business bank account

    hey guys,

    I established an LLC based in Delaware about 6 months ago, although I am not a US citizen nor do I live in the USA. I established the business in the USA because most of our potential clients are based there, and I'll eventually have to move there once we start hiring employees.

    I've been trying to open a business account for the company but there's not a single bank that will open the account for our business just becuase I (the owner) am not a resident.

    We have all the papers in place, we have our EIN, etc...

    So my questions are the following:

    1) Is it legal for US banks to reject opening an account for a US based company that has all its papers in place?

    2) Can you recommend a bank that you know will open an account for us?


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    You need someone on the ground in the U.S. It should be someone you trust, so they can be an officer of the LLC. They banks won't open an account because you don't have a tax id. It is very difficult to get a tax I.D. without a social security number.
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      Doing work / business from India

      My scenario is little bit different. I had been in USA on F1 and later on H1 for few years.
      More than a year back, I returned to India and worked as an Independent IT Consultant for a US-based IT services company.
      This company has decided to shut down. The clients of this company would however like to continue receiving services from me.
      What are my options?
      1) Can I use my SSN to just work as an individual rather than working through a company? I am not working in USA, I would be providing services remotely (through computer) from India.
      2) Can I open a company (LLC) in Delaware and receive payments to a bank account for that company and transfer to my account in India?
      LLC would allow pass-through taxation and being a non-resident, I would owe taxes here in India, is that right?
      3) Do I have any other options?