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What type of visa should i apply to run business in US?

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  • What type of visa should i apply to run business in US?

    I started a C Corporation in california while living in india and started running a US business. I visit around 2-3 times a year on B1 Visa to meet employees and some vendors for the business. Recently i moved to canada on work permit and am in the middle of getting PR under express entry.

    Is there any other visa i can get so i can make trips more frequently to US. So far i haven't been ever questioned much but i know if i start going every month, i will be asked reasons etc.

    Company has 3 full time W2 employees in california (if this information is of any use)

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    You need to be very careful with frequent visits. While you can certainly own and be an officer of a US based business, actually working here will not only raise red flags but be illegal.
    You should meet with an immigration attorney and explore proper authorization to work. Depending on the exact situation, there may be visas that make sense for you (EB-2(C), O-1, E-3, L-1...).