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LLC Tax Burdens in New York

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  • LLC Tax Burdens in New York

    I have my EAD :
    1. I plan to Register a LLC
    2. I have spent hours and hours reading about Tax Laws that it is scaring the hell out of me to register a LLC in the State of New York because: Both the processes and costs of incorporating and running a business in New York are famously awful. The state's tax system is burdensome and complex, including a maintenance fee, a franchise tax, a license fee, an organization tax, and an income tax. In addition to taxes, the ongoing requirements for filings and reporting are legendary.
    3. Can someone help me with Problems Faced after registering a LLC. in NY.
    4. Tips - Warnings before Registering a LLC in NY
    5. Do you suggest I Register a LLC in another State that is more business friendly instead of NY ?

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    Where are you going to run your business? And what kind of business?
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