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How to become a French University Professor in the US?

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  • How to become a French University Professor in the US?

    Hi everyone,
    Let’s introduce myself. My name is Victor and I am a 16 years old French student. I come on this forum because I need some advice for my school guidance.
    My dream career would be to teach the French language in an American university. I think this job could really please me, I’d love to share the culture and the language of my country with people interested in. I had always been very attracted by the US and I’d like to live there later.

    For my studies I’m nowadays in a grade called here “première ES européenne”:
    - Première = 11th grade in the US
    - ES (Economique et sociale) = basically that stands for economy and sociology (the main themes of my section)
    - Européenne = that means that I have more English lessons than the others and I will pass my TOEFEl next year.

    I have always been very interested in speaking English (I get 19/20 at my last test ).
    I now to make my dream come true I will have to get a PhD in an American University. I’m in negotiations with my parents because US studies can be very expensive and here in France a lot of universities are entirely free…

    But I would like to ask to my American friends some questions:

    1) Is the sector of university teaching in good conditions in the US? I mean is it easy to find a job in that sector?
    2) Will my foreign citizenship be a problem for me to get hired in a university? (I mean above all the visa problems)
    3) Does every State university give diploma only for its State? I mean if I study in NYC, will I be able to teach in Montana (That’s my favorite State ever <3)?
    4) Does the fact of studying in the US can help you to get a green card or something like that?
    So that’s all I wanted to know.
    I thank you in advance for your answer,

    Victor M.

    (PS: Sorry if I crippled the Shakespeare’s language but I didn’t use any web translator or dictionaries to write my post ^^).

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