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Need Info---Advantage US born kid gets in college education in India

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  • Need Info---Advantage US born kid gets in college education in India

    My son was born in US and later we relocated to India. Presently we are in India. He is a US citizen by birth and is planning to do his education in US after he turns 18 this October. Presently he holds a US passport and plans to retain his US citizenship. The Questions that I have is

    - What is the advantage will he get being an US citizen for studying in US universities?
    - Does he needs to give SAT or can he directly visit US and apply for studies?
    - Will his SAT score be compared with non US citizen student or US citizen?
    - Does US colleges have any reserved seats for US citizens?
    - Can his parents accompany him while he is US for the college admission?
    - When can he start immigration process for his parents?

    Need guidance and suggestion soon. Thanks in advance..

    P.S. - I couldn't find a proper thread to post this question and so posting here....

    - Ven
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    Eagerly waiting for your reply...PLz suggest


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      Need Info about the Advantage US born kid gets in college education in India is the main title here that you can see and learn from here now. The bad thing is that there is nothing much for others to get to know what it is all about from us.
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        Since your child is a US citizen, you will have to pay higher fees in Indian schools and public universities. By default, all state and federal agencies are counted under his NRI quota. He is also ineligible for any Indian government service or job.