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USA Universities - I need your help

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  • USA Universities - I need your help

    Hello everyone,

    I am a French undergraduate business student and I am planning on studying in the United States next year. My university has partnerships with several colleges in the country (see list below) but I can't seem to make my choice.

    Could you please help me ranking these universities regarding either academic level, reputation and campus setting ?

    - San Diego State University
    - University of Washington, Seattle
    - Butler University, Indianapolis
    - American University, Washington D.C
    - George Washington University, Washington D.C
    - University of Cincinnati
    - Florida Gulf Coast University, College of Business
    - Miami University, Oxford

    I know it's complicated but if you have already studied in one of these universities or if you know anything that could help me making the right decision, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    See, the ranking of university hardly matters. The point of verdict is whether the university from where you are going to earn degree is accredited by US Board of Education or not. It should be authorized one. Please be cautious while selecting the university.


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      cheap colleges

      Hey guys, here is a List of cheap universities in the USA. This cheap colleges list starts with the least expensive universities on top. These are the cheapest colleges of the 4 year variety - does not include inexpensive colleges that are community colleges or online-only. The data for the cheapest universities uses 2008 tuition numbers - while the cost of a university education at state or private schools has generally increased due to the recession


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        need help

        i will get the green card in a couple of months through Dvlottery. i got the visas already and i will be leaving uk in october. I got a master degree in Science of finance at Heriot- Watt university in UK im wondering if my degree will be recognised in USA, or do i have to complete with some certificates. Moreover what advice could u give me in term of looking for a good job should i do another qualification in usa or do i have the same chance as somebody who has studied there. thanks


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          The topic is something about USA Universities - I need your help so if you are up for this then maybe essay writing service will help you in this regard. I hope that by going for this you would be able to learn a lot more in the best way possible sooner or later.
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