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Change of Status (COS) H-1 to F-1 : Extremely urgent

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  • Change of Status (COS) H-1 to F-1 : Extremely urgent

    I have been admitted to Full-Time MBA program and my school begins in mid-July. Currently, I am in working in U.S. on H-1B and have to change my status to F-1. As I understand, the COS can take 3-4 months to be approved. I haven’t yet received the I-20 but was told by the university that it will be processed and mailed by next week. With just about two months remaining, I need urgent assistance.

    Listed below are some questions.

    1. Can I quit my job and start with full-time courses while the COS is pending?

    2. I want the COS to be effective from 1st July. If the COS is still pending, is it illegal for me to work on H-1B after 1st July?

    3. Is premium processing options available for COS?

    Please help me better understand the COS process.