Hi All,
I worked for company A till 2013 to 14-aug-2015 and joined company B on 17-aug-2015. I got all my H1B transfer and visa documents.
Due to some personal reason I am going back to & i am planning for stamping on 15-sep-2015

My questions are :
1. I have only one paystub generated, but I have my company A paystub
2. I got a Client letter from company B but that doesnot have any client logo on it.
3. Will stamping would be complicated? Because I am going for stamping within a month of joining company B.
4. in this case, what kind of quetions I can expect from interviewer
Shoudl i postpone leave plan if it very complex?

Would like to know if there will be any issues because of above scenario.
I hope you would have seen similar situation like mine, could you please share stamping experiences or if you you know or heard anything.
I appreciate your help.