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Will it be easy for a south African to study medicine in the USA

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  • thomasmilner
    I'd say it's gotten much easier. I've mentioned in my paper for tooly.io/black-lives-matter/, since black live matters and other movements against violent racism towards african americans appeared, it's now easier for POC to study in the USA. We've finally started giving an acceptable amount of scholarships to black people which I personally consider a huge win. When it comes to studying medicine in general, it won't be easy but everyone struggles equally these days. Medicine has never been an easy subject so keep that in mind. Overall, go for it, it's a great idea.

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  • fmjizzle
    Why does it matter where you are from? You can study what ever you like as long as you can afford to pay the fees. As an international student, you will only be allowed to work 20hours a week ( part time) unless you can prove extreme hardship. Do not come to the US thinking a job will be able to pay your fees. Best of luck !!

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  • Will it be easy for a south African to study medicine in the USA

    I am currently living in South Africa and would like to go to the USA to study medicine to be even more successful than those who are trained here. However I wonder if my choice is correct because I do not know if it would be possible to easily join the USA now that many people say that trump government is doing everything to reduce immigration. Also, I was wondering what document to use for the trip. Normally, it always seem like even if you have best documents about yourself, your chances are still minute. It is in this research that cousin told me about an online service that easily provides travel documents for multiple destinations. and so I do not know if I could trust them.

    I would also like to know after getting to the USA with DONALD TRUMP government, does hospitality remains the same for foreigners especially from Africa. Are there still the same job opportunities as before? Because I also want to do little jobs in my spare time to earn a little money. But I insist on the following question: Will it be easy for a south African to study medicine in the USA ?

    Thank you to inform me a little more.