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Statement of exemption from taxes

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  • Statement of exemption from taxes

    So this is my current situation. Originally my Visa interview was scheduled for august 23, but I contacted the consulate in Amsterdam, and I asked them if there was any chance i could have an interview sooner, because my wife is pregnant, and i'm already missing so much of the pregnancy. They said they'd be willing to make an exception and gave me an earlier date, which I super appreciated.

    So I get there on the day, everything is going well, I don't think the interviewer had any doubts about our marriage, he agreed that my plans to find work once I get there were good ones, he liked the pictures of our dog. Then he went through the affidavit of supports. My wife had no income in 2017 as a student. But thankfully her grandmother agreed to co-sign, and he agreed that her income was sufficient to support me.

    But then it all fell apart as he says "Where's your wife's tax return?" and i tell him, there are none. Her income never went above the threshold where she needed to file taxes, and he proceeds to tell me you always have to file taxes. So I tell him, politely. "I don't think that's true". Then he says that my wife's simple statement saying why she filed no taxes is not enough. He needs an official document from the IRS or something similar. So he denied my visa, but cleared everything else so that I don't need to come back for another interview. and told me to mail them the document when I find it. The letter i have from him says I need to produce "statement of tax exemption".

    So I went home pretty dejected, first thing I did is look up if she needed to file taxes. She did not, from what I can find US law does not require that.

    Then I looked up what the I-864 instructions say to include when you don't have enough income to have filed taxes, and it clearly says all you need is a written statement, explaining why you don't have such a thing. Which is exactly what we had.

    The third thing I looked up is to see if the IRS can get me some kind of "statement of exemption from taxes" but I can find no such official document.

    So I e-mailed the consulate with all this information. I even screenshotted the part in the I-864 instructions where it says that all we should have needed, is exactly what we provided. But I haven't heard anything since that day and every day I become a little more desperate. All that extra time I gained by having my appointment moved up is evaporating day by day and i'm going out of my mind.

    Am I wrong for thinking that I got a raw deal by the guy not knowing his stuff? He seemed really confused by the fact that she had no tax return to offer.

    Or am I wrong and is there some document that my wife can get that provides what he asked for?

    I'd appreciate any insights.

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    I just realized I posted in the wrong section. So this needs to be deleted and then i'll repost it in another section..