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Credit Score / When will it be availabale?

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  • Credit Score / When will it be availabale?

    Hi there,

    I live in Us since Dec 2015 and I had my first real credit card on Feb 2016(not a prepaid one, but a real credit card).

    It's been only 3 monts but apparently on Credit Karma I see my credit score to be above 700.

    This should be Good, no?

    But when companies make inquiries on my score they get replied as 'no score has been established' .

    Do you have any idea when this will be all set for me?

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      A score above 700 is definitely a positive sign. However, the situation you're describing might be due to the fact that your credit history is relatively new. It usually takes around 6 months of credit activity to establish a solid score that lenders can see. Keep using credit responsibly, paying bills on time, and your score should continue to improve.


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