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Student loan on dependent visa

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  • Student loan on dependent visa

    Hi !

    I am on L2 dependent visa ,and i wanted to know how can i get a student loan to pursue graduate studies in US..
    Can someone guide me on this ?

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    Student Loan Is definitely hard In USA. Just contact the consultancies. They may help you.


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      Now it has become a little easier to get a Student Loan, but there are still difficulties. Not like under Trump, of course.


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        A friend of mine easily got a student loan this year. At the moment, America's policy has become more loyal to emigrants and therefore it has become easier to get this loan. As a student who has been studying at the University of the United States of America for several years, I can say that sometimes studying here can be difficult. For example, this applies to writing various academic assignments, texts. On the site https://writingbros.com/essay-examples/ you can find information about a company that helps me with writing various types of assignments that I receive at university, as well as articles on a particular topic.
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