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Seeking guidance on college recommendation letters

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  • Cassandra_Roberts_98
    Hi Katie,

    College application season can be so overwhelming! My friend works in college admissions and she actually recommended a great resource to me - Lawrina https://lawrina.org. They have a ton of free legal templates, including a standard college recommendation letter form that makes it super easy for recommenders to provide their insights. Hope this helps!
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  • Seeking guidance on college recommendation letters

    Hello everyone,

    I'm hoping to gather some advice regarding college recommendation letters. My niece is in the midst of her college application process and is particularly interested in pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Oregon. We're looking for recommendations on a standardized college recommendation letter form, something that would allow her recommenders to easily provide their insights and support.

    Have any of you come across a widely accepted or preferred format for college recommendation letters? Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we navigate this important step in her educational journey.

    Thank you in advance for your time and support.