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  • OPT F1 Students June 2018 Filers

    Ok, so I'm a recently graduated student in Texas, (graduated in May). I applied for the Post opt I-765 around the middle of May and sent the documents at the beginning of June, they arrived at the Potomac Service center on June 4th . What I hate is that before I did the application, I was told to apply to jobs while my work permit was getting approved, because It would take around 1 to 2 months, 3 months on worst case. After sending my application I started looking for jobs and I got a good offer at a TV station (KRGV TV) and I told them what I was told about the waiting time, so they said I couldn't start working I didn't have my work permit yet, but they could hold the position for me till August (the 2 months mark since I sent my application). Well recently I learned that the waiting time on the Potomac center changed now the waiting time is 3 to 5 months. Needless to say I lost my job offer and now cant apply to another one until I receive the permit and also lease ended, right now Im staying in a long stay hotel because I need to know where I will be working so I can get a place around the area, I thought about going back to Mexico while the process is still going but pretty much everyone is advising me not to because it could affect my chances on getting approved. This sucks I feel extremely useless. Anyone out there going thru something similar or want to share a story?

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    Hey man I'm through something similar, I filed my OPT application on July 13, the first week of my last quarter because that was the earliest I was allowed to do it, I had to send the application to the Potomac center as well, the 90 days have already passed and I'm still waiting for the answer, I already had two job offers and I think I will loose them because of the time the OPT is taking. I called them and they told me that unless 5 months had already passed I couldn't file for the "out of normal time" thing. I'm no expert in the subject but I would say that it's not good to leave the country during the process, although I'm not 100% sure if it's going to affect your petition.


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      I do have the same problem. I applied on July 20th. Did you receive your card??. Thanks in advance


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        I have the same problem i have applied like in july 2018 and still my status shows case was recieved.Did you get your EAD finally if yes when?


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          I have the same issue i applied in the month of July and still nothing from USCIS its been more than 160 days but still USCIS says its normal processing time.Did you finally get your EAD if yes when?


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            Has any of you ended up getting your card yet?