Iam Jay. Iam currently doing my internship at FedEx and i have started my OPT on Dec 20, 2008. I have a doubt regarding the OPT extension. As you know that due to economic crisis FedEx is not hiring any people and it has freezed all the hiring. Some of my friends said that for extension of my OPT i should have atleast appllied for H-1 visa once.

I have read the rules in the OPT extension form and it has not mentioned about the student should be applied for the H-1 visa. It only mentioned that the student should be graduated , the student should be in post-completeion OPT and the company which is offering the job sholud be E-verified.

Is it true that for applying for OPT extension do i need to apply for H-1 visa atleast once?

Waiting for your reply.

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