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OPT Cheque Cashing and receipt notice

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  • OPT Cheque Cashing and receipt notice

    My OPT application package reached the Phoenix Lockbox on March 20th. How long does it usually take to see the cheque clearing and receive the text/message from USCIS?

    Thank you.

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    In my case the check was cashed a week after they received my application and I received the receipt the week after. I didn't sign up for text messaging so I don't have any information regarding that.

    Quick question: how long did your school officials tell you it might take for USCIS to process OPT? At my school, they explicitly warn us that it might take more than 3 months until we receive EAD cards


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      Thank you. My cheque was encashed on March 26th and I received the text of March 27th. Yes, it is taking longer than usual...they told me around 4.5 months average at this point!