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Receipt notice vs Receipt for replacement of lost EAC

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  • Receipt notice vs Receipt for replacement of lost EAC

    Hi, guys.
    I need an immediate help!!!!!!
    I applied for OPT STEM extension, got approved, but the card got lost in mail.
    So, I applied again by checking "Replacement" slot on I-765 for the replacement of lost document, and I've got a receipt notice for the 2nd application.
    Since my grace period is ending probably before I get my card, I need to show the document to fulfill I-9 "Receipt rule" to hold my employment for 90days.
    HR specialist of my school says that I need to provide the "receipt for the replacement of the lost card" and she says this "receipt" should indicate that the USCIS received an application to "replace" a lost document. And, I-9 instruction says "a receipt for a replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged document" will suffice to hold the employment for 90days.

    So..Is the "Receipt for a replacement" that my HR specialist and I-9 instruction refers different from the "Receipt Notice [I797c]" that I've received from USCIS?
    Then, how can I get the "receipt" stating that my application was for the replacement of lost card?

    Please Please Please help me!!!!
    Lots of appreciations!!!

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    Receipt notice vs Receipt for replacement of lost EAC


    Did you find out an answer for your query..
    I have a similar case too..
    Please let me know if you have found an answer.

    Thanks and regards..


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      Did anyone get an answer to this question? I'm in the same situation: is the receipt for replacement the same as the receipt notice that you receive after applying for a replacement card? I sent a new application for replacement but the receipt I got in the mail is the same as the receipt I had received for my application for an initial employment authorization.