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  • OPT Denial

    My initial OPT application got denied few days back. Below is the reason USCIS has specified. "As per Sevis, Course of study ends on December 31,2019. The application for employment authorization was received on September 30,2019. Because your application was received more than 90 days before the completion of your course of study, your application must be and hereby is denied".

    I will be graduating in Dec15th and I have additional 2 months grace period, in this case , can I reapply i-765 application again ?.
    My university DSO agreed that the mistake was on their part. Anyhow are there any restrictions from USCIS on creating new i20 from sevis due to this manual error ?.
    Please help me.

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    I would say you should re-apply for I-765 as quickly as possible. Inform your international advisor that you need to re-apply, ask him/her to fix the manual error (usually there won't be any restrictions but I would ask my advisor because they exactly know what is going on) on sevis and re-issue new I-20. The sooner you apply, the better as thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are around the corner and things will start slowing down. Thank you.


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      nidn89 Ask for the mistake of the school in writing, that you would have to fight it with Immigraiton. However, with that letter you can now demand payment of the new EAD application fee. It worked out a couple years ago for my classmate. School's fault, school's gotta pay!
      Marriage Based/ /F-1/Married to a U.S. Citizen
      Field Office: San Diego, CA

      Concurrent Filing Date: 9/20/2019
      CC Charged: 9/26/2019
      Biometrics Completed: 10/7/2019
      Case is ready to be scheduled for interview 11/14/2019
      I-765/I-131 Approved: 12/2/2019
      EAD Combo Card Card in hand: 12/7/2019
      Interview Cancelled (w/o interview notice?): 6/18/2020
      Case is ready to be scheduled for interview: 6/18/2020
      Interview Scheduled: 12/9/2020
      Interview Date: 01/12/2021
      RFE Receive from Field Office: 01/13/2021


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        Yes, this is the school's fault. You must apply for the i-765 EAD as soon as possible.
        I am a bit late replying... I hope you have got it done.


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          hi nidn89 I am in your situation now.. i need your advice.. what did u do and would like to know if i can a reapply for i765 again ?