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travel on OPT - need opinions

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  • travel on OPT - need opinions


    I am on OPT, i am planning to go to INDIA on apr 23rd 2011 and come back on may 1st 2011. my opt card expires on june 9 2011.

    I have employment letter, travel signed OPT i20 and my OPT card.

    Will i be at risk travelling?

    i talked to the international office at my school, and they said that it would be safe to travel.

    But my PM at work is worried i will not be able to come back and is refusing to give me leave for 1 week.

    What is your opinion guys, i am going to INDIA for my own sister's marriage, and i need to attend it.

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    You have more than a month left when you return. I think it should be fine.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.