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Passport validity requirements for domestic flihts

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  • Passport validity requirements for domestic flihts


    I hope you can help me.

    I am a planning a trip to USA for tourism and also to see some family. My plan is to fly to Orlando for few days and then get a domestic flight to New York before flying back to Orlando and then onto Manchester, UK. I am Latvian and hold Latvian passport. The trip is planned for Xmas and will overall last 2 weeks. My passport runs out next May and will not have full six months validity after the return date from USA. I know that Latvian citizens has waiver for Visa and the 6 month passport validity as long as the passport is still valid on return. However, does his still apply for the domestic flight in USA from Orlando to NY?

    Thank you

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    No, it doesn't. As long as your passport is valid, regardless of expiration, it is sufficient to travel inside the USA and its territories.