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Problem With having No Surname

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  • Problem With having No Surname

    I have booked my mon's flight on luftansa from BOM-FRA-ATL-EWR-MUC-BOM. the problem here is her passport (and all other documents) does not have a second/last name. she only has a first name. so while booking her ticket, I booked with first name as "FNU" (first name unknown) and her name in last name "abcxyz" as second name for the ticket. when i called up the support center. they were adamant that I should get her name changed on her passport and visa but I dont realise my fault as she got her visa with this name and there was no other way i could book her ticket. but currently she only has a first name and so this was the only way i could book her tickets.
    will she face problems while boarding? having flagged this before hand shouldn't this be resolved with ease by airline? and while I was reading other similar threads, I have also booked through travel agent and dont want to go through the hassle of going to and fro between the agent and airline.

    can sombody her me out. appriciate your help.