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Italian visa for indian citizen

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  • Italian visa for indian citizen


    First of all i do not knows if i am posting in right section, so if i posted in wrong place forgive me.
    I have some question regarding visas i hope i will get help.

    I am panning to visit italy so want to apply for italian tourist visa.I have invitation.i read on italian official visa site and found that it also compalsary to have "Minimum coverage of Euro 30,000- or equivalent USD, for emergency hospital and repatriation expenses."

    Can anyone guide me if how too apply for this requirement?


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    Just click on Insurance on top of this page. Usually a 30,000 Euro insurance should cost you somewhere around $50 per month...not sure but check everything....


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      Italian visa Insurance

      Schengen states usually require an insurance covering 30 000 euros medical fees. This is not a challenge, you can subscriber to an insurance it will not cost 30 thousands, but a dozen of euros, please visit an insurance agency next to you and tell them that it is for a Schengen visa.
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        Just you have to get some insurance policy to fulfill this requirement.


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          All guys above are absolutely corrent. Though you need to have some finances as well (not 30,000EUR of course) to support your stay.
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