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  • Chances to have US Visa


    I am currently in Canada with Permanent Resident status and would like to obtain a US Tourist Visa but I have some concerns whether my chances of approval is low because of my previous I-539 has been denied before during my stay in USA.

    Here is my visa history:

    J1 Visa holder from 05/08/2002-11/08/2003 (USA)

    My two-year home residency requirement has been approved March 23, 2003 (USA)

    My I-539 application has been denied 04/12/2004 (USA)

    My application for Alien Employment Certification has been received by the Employment Development Department has been received 06/14/2004 (USA)

    My Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker has been approved July 27, 2007 (USA)

    Please advise.

    Thank you
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