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Petty Theft on H4 Visa Can I Travel

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  • Petty Theft on H4 Visa Can I Travel

    Hello All ,

    I am really feeling bad to get into this situation , I got something's from a store and forgot to pay them before I left main door later I was stopped by LP and arrested and fingerprinted and released in 45 mins or so and they told I will have court date in mail and it would be roughly about a month from now .I am planning for short travel and very concerned about what will happen at port of entry , I contacted criminal attorney and he told It is fine to travel as I didn't receive court date yet nor my case was updated online to go to judge requesting permission , Can anyone suggest will there be problem for me coming back , also are there any arrest related questions on immigration form that is filled at port of entry.

    Any help is greatly appreciated .. Thanks in advance