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Minor US Citizen - Travel from India to US

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  • Minor US Citizen - Travel from India to US

    My sisters daughter who is a US citizen by birth has been staying in India since 2001.
    She went to India when she was 2 months baby, now she is 13 yrs.

    We did not have her passport given to us until last year, due to family reasons.
    This is her 3rd passport from the birth, we only have this passport with us.
    We do not have earlier two passports.

    I booked ticket for her to travel to USA long with my parents.
    But she was stopped at immigration in Hyderabad airport saying that we do not have the initial passport which had her "arrival" to india stamped.

    Since we do not have her very first passport with us, is there any other option in India to get a travel permit to travel outside of India (to USA).

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help.