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First Time Traveler to USA

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  • First Time Traveler to USA

    What all thing which we need to do when to Travel to US first time

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    Present a valid biometric or electronic passport. According to US law, the validity of a foreign national's passport must cover a period of 6 months beyond the date of departure from the United States except for the "Six Month Club Members". "which France is part of.

    2. Have received an ESTA authorization

    3. Have a round trip air ticket or cruise ticket (proving your exit from the US territory, regardless of the place of entry and exit)

    4. Plan a stay of 90 days maximum (the stay can not be extended on site, the visitor can not change status, accept a job or study).

    5. Present proof of credit (credit card, travelers checks, etc.).


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      In fact you don't even need that much of paperwork.

      Just a valid passport, ESTA authorization, and that's all.

      I traveled to Cali last year, landed in LA... And they didn't ask for so many things. They just asked me the purpose of my visit and that's all, don't worry

      I guess it depends on which passport you hold though.


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        Where are you from? Which passport gives such easy procedures?