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Travel to India while my H1b Amendment is in RFE Status

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  • Travel to India while my H1b Amendment is in RFE Status


    This is Priya. I came to US in h4 visa and i got an employer who sponsored my h1b visa and got it approved in the year 2015. Then i started working for a company from April 2016 and so my employer filed for a H1B amendment in October 2016. This amendment has now moved to RFE status and we will submitting the related documents within the next week.

    Now I got a family emergency and need to go to India within July 12th. Now that we dont have the option of doing amendment in Premium, My question is whether I can now travel to India now and get my h1b stamping done? Will i get any problem during my h1b stamping since my amendment is in RFE?

    If so, what kind of questions will i be getting and how much risk is it to travel with amendment in RFE status? I could see the earliest dates for doing appointment is on 17th July. So i need to decide soon.

    Please do answer me ASAP.

    Thanks much in advance,