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  • Living in Phuket ?

    Hi all,

    I?m starting a new thread, as I need some valuable testimonies from long-time expats as you guys .

    I?ve been offered a position in Phuket, Thailand. I really love this country. It is so cheap, warm, culturally rich, and paradisiac that I have the feeling I cannot let this chance slip away?

    What do you guys think about living in Phuket? Any expats there that can provide a valuable feedback?

    I?ve already lived for a while in Bangkok, but this city is literally too much for me. I enjoyed it the time I stayed, but I guess a more ?chilled out? place will be a better match for me. I?m looking for something less crazy, where I can enjoy a very good standard of living with my GF in one of the most beautiful part of this country.

    Any recommendations of expats already settled there?
    What is for you the best part of the island to stay?
    Is the cost of living comparable to Bangkok?s?
    Is it easy to get around the island, or should I consider buying a motorbike/scooter?
    What are the weekend activities that you would recommend?

    I enjoyed my time in Phuket when I went there for vacation, but I have to admit my knowledge about it is quite limited.

    I have a full bunch of questions, but I guess it?s better to wait for your feedback.

    Thank you in advance for any help you will provide folks!

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    Information Phuket

    >I?ve been offered a position in Phuket, Thailand.

    Where? It's a big island. Some mean Patong when they say Phuket. Some business don't need to be near the beach and tourists with the related traffic and real estate costs.

    There is an area I've heard unofficially called 'Phuket Town' but it's not on the maps by that name. To find it, locate the Bangkok Hospital Phuket or Central Festival Phuket on Google Maps. They're due east of Patong. Switch to Satellite view. The densely built up area to the east of Central Festival and the south-east of the hospital is 'Phuket Town'. Living there would be a night and day difference than living around Patong.

    Are you an experienced motorcycle or motorbike rider? If you intend to learn how to ride in Thailand, make sure your will is up date and always carry a copy of your passport and list of who to notify if seriously injured or killed. That goes double if you're never lived anywhere they drive on the left side of the road. Anyway, public transportation is almost inexistant in Phuket.


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      Living in Phuket

      Thank you for your answer, it relieves me to learn that you live here, so I have some questions to ask you if you have time
      First of all, how did you live your expatriation? a shock of culture? how did you proceed to move in? life on site is nice? the weather ?
      I am offered a job around Talat Nuea, do you know?


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        I would like to visit Phuket, but don't want to live there


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          Originally posted by JungKaang67 View Post
          I would like to visit Phuket, but don't want to live there
          why you dont want to live there?


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            I would like to visit Phuket. I wonder if it will be too expensive if I fly to Phuket from the USA?


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              I love traveling and know that it's costly. I often spend all my savings from work for half a day in order to go somewhere and relax, but these money aren't enough for all my wishes, so I try to always look for profitable deals, buy flights by plane in advance and look for not the most popular hotels where I can stay . If you are interested in learning more about how to travel on your budget, I can recommend you read special portals and travel blogs. I found many interesting articles on how to save money on travel. I really wait for the borders to be opened again and my friends and I will be able to visit Malta this year. It's quit—É inexpensive country and has nightlife there, so it will be very fun for us, students.