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traveling to mexico, should I be concerned?

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  • traveling to mexico, should I be concerned?


    Traveling to playa del carmen next month and just seen news reports of violence in the area is escalating to the point that the state dept. has issued a travel warning to US citizens and restricted travel for US govt workers. MDY and I are traveling with friends who are not concerned and feel it is expected to have a heightened concern for violence around the world these days so they are inclined not to cancel the trip. I will use some caution by not bringing jewelry (good luck with my DW on that one!). I will delete all financial apps on my phone so I will not be able to make financial transactions. I will limit my cards to one credit and one debit card (with limited funds in account). I called the card company and asked for enhanced security procedures for unusual purchases during this period as well. When we travel on excursions to surrounding historic sites we will carry cash only. We have also registered with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Any recommendations on something else I should consider?

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