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What to know about traveling in Singapore

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  • What to know about traveling in Singapore

    Singapore swings with a variety of cultural, ethnic and racial traditions, steeped in a spirit of celebration and festivities. As an ideal sun spot your toiled tans glinting off those worked out muscles will not be in jeopardy. So gear up for the heat and the beat of an eastern experience.
    Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula just one degree north of the equator, Singapore attracted immigrants from Chin, Indonesia, India and the Middle East who came to seek a better life for themselves and their families, among the indigenous Malay villagers.
    Previously known as Temask or Sea, the trading centre of Sumatra?s ancient Sri Vijayan Empire the island was renamed Singa Pura or Lion City after a visiting prince was impressed by an animal he mistook for a lion.
    In 1819, the raffish Sir Stamford Raffles who after a hard day?s work concocted the legendary Singapore sling cocktail (you?ll be saying sccccchhhling after you?ve had a few) and after whom the world-renown Raffles hotel is named, created modern Singapore, dividing the island into Chinese, Indian and Malay regions.
    Little more than a fishing village at the time, he established Singapore as a regional base for the British East India Company that same year. The island eventually became Britain?s strategic defense base in the Far East, but in 1942 fell to the Japanese. At the end of the Japanese occupation in September 1945, Singapore became a Crown Colony, assuming self-government in 1959 and becoming a fully indepependent republic in 1965.
    This tiny island only 633 square kilometers, with a population of about 3 million, ? not only has the world?s busiest harbor, but its airport also serves over 50 major international airlines. Catering to over 5 million visitors a year, Singapore receives more guests annually than its own population.
    As Asia?s premier center for finance, business and medicine, Singapore is also the world?s third largest oil refining center. A modern world class city state, Singapore still indulges a rich multi-cultural heritage manifest in ancient healing arts and the reality of the ethnic varieties that exist in the older parts of the city. Celebrations swell through the streets almost every day saluting the festivals of these varied cultural groups.
    Singapore?s fertile land boasts riches of parks and gardens, a variety of mosques, statues, interesting museums art galleries, craps online Canada and theme parks representing famous cultural and mythological eras. In Singapore it?s summertime all the time so sports enthusiasts can windsurf or sail off East Coast Park, water-ski off Ponggol Point, canoe in Sentosa Lagoon and then to dry off, play golf or polo. The less energetic can soak up the Southern Islands? sun or the other popular beaches at East Cost Park and Changi Point for a sizzling sun tan. Or tweet yourself to some early morning birdsong at the regular Sunday morning bird singing contest.
    While the variety of Thai food may well whet your appetite the presentation of Chinese Indonesian and Malay dishes will definitely get your juices flowing. From open air food centres offering chicken curries and prawn preparation and some less identifiable delicacies to the sophistication of a la carte at the Raffles Hotel (don?t? forget to wash it down with a Singapore sling) you should not go hungry. Having refueled the tank, join the hustle and spend some dollars in a land synonymous with shopping. The centres are filled with jewelery, electronic, leather and silk goods and some very sharp salesmen. So make sure your pockets are full before departing for this intriguing eastern island.

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    Singapore is awesome place with a wonderful culture that is worth exploring by the tourists. I shall soon be visiting over there.


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      Singapore is the best place to enjoy its nature. Also is famous for culture and people who live there


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        This is a great place. I want to visit it one day


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          Originally posted by LouisCartwright View Post
          This is a great place. I want to visit it one day
          Yes Singapore is a great place. I too want to visit it once in my life.