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India Ticket - from USA to India

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  • India Ticket - from USA to India

    I am planning to purchase my air tickets to go to India this December.

    Before making reservations, I wanted to check if anyone has used this site and also how was your experience using it.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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    for tickets to India, go with a travel agent. Ask quotes from mutiple desi travel agents and go with the best quote. makemytrip is good for air tickets for travel within India. Delta, Continental, Air India and Jet Airways offer direct flights from US to India so it eliminates the hassles of getting a transit visa, additional security checks, extra flight time, etc.


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      I just used this site to buy tickets for my parents travelling from Ind to US and going back. I got a good deal from them. I will find out next week when my parents reach here as to how was the experience. They issued eticket for British airways and sent my parents a paper copy of them on my request as they do not have internet access. So I liked cust. serv. We"ll see how BA experience turns out.


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        Folks, thank you for your feedback. It was very useful.


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          Singapore airlines is the best

          You should try singapore airlines. It has the best review on review site and myself travelled from this. You can book an e-ticket through their own site like I did from India.
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