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Ticket for baby's under 1

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  • Ticket for baby's under 1

    Next month we are planning to go to India with our 10 month old baby. I've heard thatt to travel within US you don't have to take an airline ticket for children under 2 as long as we put them on our lap.
    Now when we are looking for tickets to India it says we have to pay 10% of the base fare + taxes for the kids. Is this true because the baby will be sitting on our lap all the time.

    Would the fares for the baby's go up once they turn 1.

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    Travel agent - travel agent - travel agent

    Almost all of your questions regarding ticket for 1 year old child [you need a bassinet], transit visas to city tours etc. etc. etc. can best be answered by your travel agent.

    Your agent will not only answer your questions correctly but also help you book your tickets, tours etc. that you need.

    Good luck.