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Don't fly Indian Airlines - another sad story

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  • Don't fly Indian Airlines - another sad story

    We had to fly IC from MAA to SIN and then Cathay all the way to SFO (in december 2007). Cathay allowed a baggage allowance of 2 pieces per adult, each upto 32kg. Indian airlines were supposed to allow the same, this being a single ticket all the way through. But when checking in at Chennai, they told us (and many others like us) that they have recently decided to reduce the allowance to 23kg per bag, and for each piece in excess of 23kg we need to pay US$25. No logical argument was possible with those buffoons. They were rude and arrogant.

    I had been alerted to this by our travel agent - so I had called Indian Airlines the previous day, and they very clearly told me on the phone that in the case of traveling onward to the USA on Cathay, we'll be allowed to carry 2 x 32kg. But at the airport, they denied this, and questioned our truthfulness about calling IC! Unbelievable!!!

    I ended up paying $50 because our baby was crying and we didn't have the luxury of repacking and re-doing security scanning.

    I'll never fly Indian Airlines again - terrible customer service.